Video Playback doesn't work on second monitor

I have a dual monitor setup on Windows PC. Video Playback works fine on Main Monitor and able to drag around but not on second monitor.
I tried addToDesktop, All HeavyWeight and LightWeight Windows and no luck.
You can get same results with JUCE Demo example.
Do anyone have a quick fix to this?

Are you trying to play a video with DRM on a non HDCP monitor?

No not at all. It’s a 30 sec clip of baked cookies in .mov, .mp4 and .wmv format. It works with windows media player, vlc media player and quicktime player.

A long shot, but this has happened to me before, and the problem was with my graphics card acceleration settings:

Could it be that the second monitor is set as your secondary monitor, which has “lesser”/no OpenGL acceleration enabled?

A way to test is to set this other monitor as primary.

Another thing is you can go on to your NVIDIA/other settings pane, and see if you can enable maximum acceleration also on the second monitor.

Thank you for the response.

I have a gtx 1080. Main monitor on DP and 2nd monitor on dvi. I couldn’t find those settings you suggested.

I switched the 2nd mon to be the main and I’m getting the same results , no video.
I switched it from dvi to hdmi and same result.

I’m wondering if it has to do with my main on DP or a problem with my gpu?

I was referring to the “NVIDIA control panel” - Manage 3D Settings, and the setting “Multi-Display/mixed-GPU acceleration”. The settings “Multiple display performance mode”, or “Compatibility performance mode” might help.