VideoDemo example doesn't work (OSX)


I’m a beginner. I successfully managed to run most of the examples but not the VideoDemo example. It compiles and runs successfully but seems like there are some kind of errors. What I want to do is to play .mp4 file in my HDD but It looks like video screen doesn’t show up properly and also ‘Load Left’ and ‘Load Right’ button doesn’t work. Drag and drop also doesn’t work. There’s no error message on the Xcode it only shows
JUCE v5.4.1

2018-12-22 15:59:16.204206+0100 VideoDemo[4235:124539] TIC Read Status [1:0x0]: 1:57

2018-12-22 15:59:16.204228+0100 VideoDemo[4235:124539] TIC Read Status [1:0x0]: 1:57

Any idea?


Did you try any other video files? The video playback in JUCE comes from the operating system which may not support all kinds of video files.

Thanks for reply,
Yes I tried.
I feel like the problem is not on the video codec or something but on the code itself. I think Load Left or Load Right button are supposed to display a file dialog window but it doesn’t work. Probably I need to install something or add some kind of kit or framework?
Are there any guys successfully managed to play video files with this example?