Vienna Ensemble Pro 6: JUCE VST wrapper causes crash


An effect plug-in we’re making with JUCE 4.2.3 caused Vienna Ensemble to crash upon plug-in scan.
We’ve tracked it dow to line 1870 (I don’t have the slightest idea what lines 1869 through 1871 do):
if ((config[i] = (config[i] + 1) % maxChans[i]) > 0)

However changing it to
if ((config[i] = (maxChans[i])? (config[i] + 1) % maxChans[i] : 0) > 0)
seems to have fixed the issue but we’re absolutely unsure whether this may introduce new issues.

Are we probably doing something else wrong?


At first glance those code snippets look like they’re doing the same thing, which is a bit worrying. Could you please explain your change?


You’re right, It is doing the same thing, we just changed it to avoid a divide by zero.


Your change should be fine.

There are much better multibus functions arriving very soon :slight_smile:


any reason not to push that fix to the dev branch meanwhile?


Pushed to develop.