Viewport Questions

Hi guys, I've some questions about Viewport


1 - Components inside viewport, will paint() only the visible area or will paint even those  are not visible?


2 - Scrolling by steps: setSingleStepSizes works only clicking the buttons, Is there any way to scrolling by steps like setSingleStepSizes including the scrollbars, mousewell, and autoscroll()? 


3 - Clicking buttons on scrollbars, is there any way to change the delay between click and repeat the scroll? the time is very short by default, I want to click, and then after 300ms repeat the scroll while keep mouse button pressed. 


Everyday I like more and more Juce :)


Whenever a child component is partially off the edge of its parent, only the visible bit will repaint. (This is the same in a Viewport as it is for any other type of component)

Don't quite understand your second question..

ScrollBar::setButtonRepeatSpeed - Surely that method should have been pretty easy to find!