Viewport::setBounds resets view position

The Viewport class resets its view position, after a call to setBounds. Is it supposed to do that ?

I have to admit: I do not quite understand the mechanism, how the reset is done, because setBounds is not reimplemented in Viewport but inherited from component. Anyways, after a setBounds call, the viewPosition is back to (0,0). Even if it was somewhere else before.

Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

There is a workround though, which I currently use. Just remember and reapply the view position. I.e.:

Point<int> oldViewPos = myViewPort.getViewPosition();
myViewPort.setBounds(x,y, width, height);


Juce Version: 4.0.2 on Win 7 and VS 2015

When the viewport changes size it has an algorithm for making sure its content is kept on-screen.

Perhaps your content actually fits fully inside the viewport, but you've forced its position to be partially off-screen? If you did that, then when the viewport is given a chance to sanity-check its position (during a resize) then it says "hey, this will fit, there's no reason for it to be off the side, I'll snap it back to the origin".

No, that's not the case. My content is much larger than the viewport.

Well, you might want to look inside the viewport's layout code and see what's going on, I don't know why it would do that if it doesn't need to, but there could be a good reason.