Virtual Keyboard for PC

Hello, guys I want to create a small virtual keyboard, with modifier and directional keys, and specific software shortcuts for software I use (Reaper, Dorico, etc.).

Now the question that precedes, isn’t it easier to use keyboard shortcuts? Sure, but I can’t use my arms and hands anymore due to degenerative disease, so my digital life relies heavily on buttons on screen, for I still can use a facial recognition mouse.

I am a semi-beginner and went to the point of creating the basic interface, buttons to represent the mods and directional keys. Only then I noticed the app didn’t send the directional keys outside itself.

After reading some documentation and forum threads, I couldn’t find an evident way of creating one with JUCE and, I mean, I’m using a VK to write this text.

How can I instruct my interface and the keystrokes not to steal the Windows keyboard focus? Is it even doable with JUCE? I am sorry if I’m not seeing something obvious. I appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.