Virtual Piano component

Hi everyone,

kinda new here. I’ve been using JUCE to mess around with some VST(i) development, and in the process created a Virtual Piano component (you know, like a little piano thingy that you sometimes get at the bottom of plugins - generally kinda useless, but they look cool, and i guess if you don’t have an actual MIDI controller, they might be slightly useful) and I thought someone else might be able to make use of it.

Anyway, if yu’re interested you can find it (Along with an organ synth i’ve been working on - it uses the keyboard) here

Let me know if you can’t get it to work, or find any bugs, or have any suggestions.


you kept that one quiet!

I may have a use for yon keyboard once it’s resizable (everything I do can be squashed to a postage stamp or stretched accross 3 monitors)

Hey, that’s some pretty cool stuff! I’ll add a web-link to it from my site if you like?

Cool, glad someone might find it useful :slight_smile:

I just fixed the resizing issue, so that should be working properly now.

Sure, i’m always happy to have an extra visitor or two (two visitors would be a busy day :wink: ) to my little corner of the interweb.

Just fixed a nasty little bug with this. It seemed on deletion the Virtual Piano was trying to delete all its registered listeners. hehe… err… hmmm :oops:

I use it in my organ synth and strangely enough Tracktion seemed quite happy to have it delete my AudioFilter - the only evidence of a problem was an innocuous little error message in the debug output. Cubase didn’t like it at all though :twisted: