Visual Studio 2010


Just wanted to mention something in case it helps other people…

When VS2010 first came out, I tried it out and then dropped it in disgust when I found that a bunch of essential commands had disappeared (e.g. cancelling a build, attaching to a process, etc - lots of basic stuff that was in VS2008).

I remember ranting about this, saying that MS had obviously crippled it to force people to upgrade to their expensive ‘pro’ version, and I went back to VS2008, which I’ve been using ever since.

Then today, someone mentioned that VS2010 has an “expert” mode, which is turned off by default, and hidden away in the tools menu. Turned it on, and all of the stuff that I thought was missing magically appeared. For f**k’s sake, Microsoft, it’s a C++ compiler, not a word processor! How many of your users are smart enough to use C++ but not smart enough to cope with a slightly larger list of menu items?!?!


Didn’t realise that, cheers!