Visual studio comments

Hi thought I would post this to get opinions. I’ve done a bit of java using eclipse and now I’m trying to switch to C++ and juce which was highly reccomended to me. after trying to compile with code::blocks and miniGW I gave up as it seemed to much of a struggle.

so I’ve got visual studio express up and running and juce compiles etc…

however I’ve noticed two annoyances compared to eclipse

  1. the ide gui does not detect braces (){} for me and show which ones are associated
  2. there is no nice little red squiggles on the code I am writing. basically it seems like there is no interpretation of the code until I try and compile it.

EDIT: - or is point 2 a feature of C++ as opposed to java

now I’m sure there are people out there who would much rather write code from the console but me I like my little user friendly hints. I mean even notepad++ will detect braces for me. hmmm maybe I should write code in that and forgo intellisense.


I would be better if u give some kind of example for the problem.
i dint make out wat u wanted to know exactly.

It’s the same thing with me while working with VS, it doesn’t support code sensing like xcode does.