Visual Studio Community replaces Express

Microsoft just announced/released a new free version of Visual Studio, which now supports add-ons! Personally I've been missing the Visual Assist add-on, so this is great news. in other news, that doesn't mean so much to us, they are open sourceing a ton of .NET related things, and pledging OSX, Linux, etc support with the tool-chain.

So VS2014 was killed off? In any case, this news is overall pretty awesome! I really do miss using a handful of add-ons/extensions...

Looks like it's the year Microsoft have forgot to count, Win 8 -> Win 10, VS2013 -> VS2015

Built from the ground up with support for iOS,


Built from the ground up with support for iOS,

From the limited information available I assume this support is only for iOS applications developed with Apache Cordova (An app frame with a webview plus an api to access sensor data from within html/css/js). But I would love if someone can prove me wrong and if this could actually be useful for JUCE.

Edit: C++ for iOS will be available "in the near future" in Visual Studio 2015.


Btw. I also posted some information about this (I haven't noticed this thread before) on

Visual Studio 2015, C++, iOS... "in the near future".

With Visual Studio 2015 Preview, modern application developers can use the Visual C++ tool chain (c1xx, c2) to target Microsoft Windows Platforms and Clang / LLVM for targeting Android (with plans to support iOS in the near future).



Visual Studio 2015 comes with a fast Android emulator (emulating x86) too. Quite interesting for Andoid developers using JUCE.

Hi Jules ,


I am using sqlite3 database for my application.but while reading database at high rate causing to fail reading is because of the temporary files .wal,.shm created during read operation having ownership as root but original database files is as user mode.

So is there is way I can allow temp files to be created as with same ownership as main database file?




This has nothing to do with juce.. Why are you posting this here?

Marc: I had the same issue and finally fixed it by first (re)installing Express and then Community on top of it. Works correct now, but the installation(s) took many hours. No idea why.