Visual Studio environment settings

the question is simple. In VS, you can use Properties->Debugging->Environment to add something to your PATH, which I usually use with dynamic libraries so that I don’t have to copy them to the project folder anytime I recompile them… Is there any way to set that in Projucer so that I don’t have to edit properties each time I regenerate the project file?


Not that I’ve seen. I use a post-build script to copy the libraries into the build folder.

Ah, no, I’m talking shit.

We do that on the mac build.

On the PC we copy the libraries into the build folder once and they just stay there :wink:

OK, thanks, I’ll do the same thing then.

But in case anyone from the JUCE team reads this… It would be nice to have the Environment option in the Projucer. Thanks.

There could be some library automation added to the jucer … but i suspect it’s not a priority!

The priority should make no difference here, as this is extremely simple and in this case involves merely copying another field like “header search path” and just overwriting the output field name in the xml export class. But they may not want to do it if it is only me who wants that, because for the rest, another field in the Projucer may be just confusing…