VisualC++Express & Juce - auto fixer

Okay, this could do with a test! We all know about the odd ‘missing files’, and there are a few other oddities. I’ve written a little app that will put the missing files in the SDK folders, and also ammend the two VCexpress files that cause a fresh install to hide the Win32 app project setting.

All the files it needs are included in the exe, you just need to download this one file and run it.

Here’s the tool and you can get the source code too. (some of it is a bit hacky as it’s quarter past bloody ridiculous A.M.)

since i already had the missing files installed, i couldn’t test it properly. but your utility does successfully patch the vcexpress files. i can now use the App Wizard to create a windows exe or dll.


That’s a really cool hack, nice job!

found a little bug- for the missing files, it checks the registry for the install path of the Microsoft SDK (which is how it is named on my computer) but if you have the one that calls itself Microsoft Platform SDK, that registry key isn’t there. I need to find either a reg key that applies to both, or the reg key that the other one uses - for when the current one returns empty.

(if you run it and the ‘adding files’ section of the log is empty, this is why!)