for Leap Motion Controller

Hey guys,

I’m not sure where the showcase forum is (or if there’s one for that matter, there should be one though), but I wanted to share my JUCE project with you guys that I developed for the Leap Motion Controller. is a tool that lets you create art in real time, using the Leap Motion Controller. Each finger is tracked individually to create designs on the fly.

Here’s a video I recorded of me using it (it was renamed from Flurrious to I’m uploading another video of it from an outside perspective, i’ll be sure to update this post later.

Just wanted to give thanks to all the wonderful people that helped me clear some questions I had, as well as the man himself, Jules, for all his hard work on this beautiful utility library.

I’m pretty sure it still needs some work, and I’ll be spending some of my free time on it, so if you guys have any suggestions, i’m always open to feedback.

Thanks again everyone!

Cool stuff! :slight_smile:

When it comes to control hardware in computers, [URL=]leap motion[/URL] seems to have more advantages compared to that of Microsoft Kinect. The fully 3-D motion control program will be bundled with Asus PC laptops soon, then other platforms. The first reviews are quite good.

Nice work! I'll add a link on the ecosystem page - is it open source?