VocAlign Project 5 vst3 crashes Juce Audioplugin host

Attempting to show plugin gui after loading VocAlignProject5.vst3 into the Juce plugin host, result in immediate crash/closing of the host.
I tried to include a link to a video but the forum says I cannot post a link from that host (google drive).

Thanks for reporting. I can reproduce the issue, but unfortunately I can’t run VocAlign Project 5 with a debugger attached and the crash log seems to indicate a crash inside the plugin itself. I’ll reach out to the support team at Synchro Arts and see if they can tell us what might be going wrong.

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That would be great, thanks

I have invited John and Joel from Synchroarts to join this thread.

Have you had a chance to speak to the devs at Synchro Arts?

Yes thanks. It looks like JUCE’s IAttributeList and IMessage implementations are broken currently. I’ve put a fix together, which will probably make it onto the develop branch shortly, once it’s been reviewed by the team.

The issue should be fixed by the following commit:

Please try it out and let us know if you encounter any further problems.