Volunteer needed for Linux build of DspFilters

I need a volunteer who can check out the sources for DspFilters from Google code SVN and build it for Linux targets. I don’t have any Makefiles or autotools or anything, just sources. In theory, it should work without changes. Private message me or reply here! Thanks.

i can do this if you want. practically i can just reuse your qmake (qt-creator ?) project file.

i’ll let you know when i have something working !


You might have to add some .h and .cpp files to it, not sure, because I don’t keep it fully up to date and I can’t run it on account of a missing mingwm10.dll

if you use tdm-mingw then you just need to copy the mingwm10.dll in a window system folder and here you go.

Here it is a qt-creator file for linux, drop them into the directory build/Linux or build/qmake:


Thanks, I added it to the svn.

I still need someone who can commit to creating / maintaining a Makefile though, and also putting up binaries. Anyone?

I think it’s better to move on using the new Jucer. One single jucer files, multiple IDE/makefiles support.

Is new Jucer ready for hard use?

At least for creating and managing multiple makefiles/projectfiles… yes