vs2010 project generator glitches


I’ve noticed the following differences in juce projects after opening with vs2010
easy to fix but needed because vs2010 modifies a lot the generated projects for a minimal change

  • utf8 project files need bom (\xef\bb\xbf)
  • xml tags should have space before closing the tag ie
    and not
  • vs does not put newline at the end of the file


I’m really not bothered about any of that! There’s no way I can make my XML exactly match the wacky layout that VS uses, and for something as minor as this, it really doesn’t make sense for me to spend the time on it (or to burden my XML classes with daft options like adding spaces before the ‘/>’ !)


yes but if you put it in git a generated project and add a file, it will change a lot
perhaps just a suggestion, it’s not really a problem


Yeah, it’s a bit annoying that it changes the format, but I think the effort that’d be needed to avoid the problem would be disproportionately large.