VS2010 - qedit.h?

Hey there,

I just set up the VS2010 RC and tried to compile the demo with it. I solved the usual include errors when you miss
some SDKs, but it’s still asking for qedit.h. It seems like Microsoft stopped including that header in VS2010 and newer SDKs.

I’m just now downloading the DirectX SDK (437mb, yikes!) which qedit.h seems to be part of and hope that that’ll
fix it.

I hope that the DirectX SDK won’t be a requirement in the future?
Any ideas/quick solutions?

Thanks in advance!

i got vs2010 and it worked, but i had vc express on the side too, so maybe it found sdk paths from that.

Hm, would you mind to find out where exactly qedit.h is on your computer?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

i have VCExpress installed and it’s WinXP at work, i have two instances of this file:

I re-downloaded the source… and it works now. Thank you anyway, atom!