VS2010 - Release Mode: Toolset is Windows7.1SDK

Hi Jules,

I don’t have the Windows 7.1 SDK toolset installed, and therefore isn’t one of my available toolsets when doing Release builds. Is it mandatory to have it?

So far, I’ve been having to switch Windows 7.1 SDK to v100 for every Release configuration… And everything still builds and runs.

You’d definitely need 7.1 if you’re doing a 64-bit build, but I guess not if you’re only targeting 32-bit.

(Although you might also need 7.1 for DirectWrite… can’t remember TBH)

I would recommend getting it if possible though, there’s no reason I can think of why you would want to avoid it.

Strange; I can build without errors after changing Windows7.1SDK to v100 in the 64-bit build configurations.

I’d prefer avoiding it since I don’t use it directly… and would rather conserve bandwidth unless the SDK is necessary.

That’s odd, although I have to admit I can’t remember exactly all the ins and outs that were involved in getting a 64-bit build going. If it works for you, then great!

Same issue here.

Not so great if I have to switch the toolset back in VS2010 after each trip to the Introjucer. Problem is that when installing the Windows 7.1 SDK it shows that my installed SDK (presumably the one called v100 that came with VS2010) is newer than Win 7.1. SDK and the install fails.

Can’t you just set it to “Inherit from parent…”. which automatically chooses whatever is installed?

Just in case someone runs into the same problem installing the Window 7.1SDK:

You need to uninstall any Visual C++ 2010-Redistributable and Visual C++2010-Runtime updates through Control Panel, else the Win 7.1 SDK installer will fail. After the uninstall I could install the SDK.

Nevertheless I don’t see the need why Introjucer should specify a platform toolset at all anyway.

I also have no problem with 64bit builds with the v100 toolset.

Is there a way to have the Introjucer not set which toolset?

Also Introjucer clears all my Precompile settings? How can I prevent this?

Yes can we have this fixed:

[quote]Is there a way to have the Introjucer not set which toolset?

Also Introjucer clears all my Precompile settings? How can I prevent this?
It is quite a pain on large projects to have to reset after adding a file.

There’s a setting for this in VC2012, but as far as I was aware the VC2010 settings that it creates should be correct. If you need something a bit more customised, why not poke around in the introjucer (search for “getPlatformToolset()”) and let me know how it could be improved to do what you need.

It completely rewrites the project - there’s no way it can pull your changes out and merge them in.

The ToolSet problem seems to have disappeared. Don’t know why, but it has.

Is it possible to have the Introjucer set precompile settings? I know this would require some work, but maybe someone who is familiar with it could make the changes, if it’s possible. My project has 4 different builds and is about to grow to six, so you see why this would be a big benefit to large projects.

If I have time I may poke around.

If you know what’s involved XML-wise, it shouldn’t be too difficult…

You’re referring to setting/editing the precompiled headers stuff?

Yes, poke around for precompile settings. Hopefully someone else will do it before I try.