VS2012 Beware!

This is why we never upgrade to the latest Visual Studio until sufficient time has passed to work out the defects!

From http://sqlite.org/releaselog/3_7_14_1.html

Good luck tracking that down if it happens in your build!!

I gave VS2012 a go earlier this week and had no trouble with any of my projects. I’m not using either SQLite or ARM so I’m going to chance it. I can always go back to VS2010 if needs be. Of course, I’ll reports any horrors here…

(I’m installing a new SSD in my laptop, so I’m going to tempt fate by going Win8 as well. Goodbye to all the old bloat I’ve accumulated :stuck_out_tongue: )

I highly doubt you tested every code path in all of your projects!!! Unless they are very small apps/plugins…?

Hey if it builds it works right :wink:

There’s one smallish app and the rest are plugins. I have an unresolved problem with VS2010 crashing when IntelliSense does something (at least a few times a day) - so I’m a bit sick of it.

By any chance do you have multi-touch screen drivers, an external input device (like a pen or tablet), or a screen-reader?

Hmm, a Wacom tablet was connected a while ago. I did try to remove all traces of it, but it’s long enough ago I can’t remember clearly what exactly I did.


Yeah I think I remember being excited when I found that patch - but then it didn’t work :frowning:

thank god I didn’t upgrade