VS2013 and Unicode project setting

I've just switched to VS2013, and converted to unicode, but each time I save the project after changes, the 'Character set' parameter in the project gets reset and requires manually setting to unicode.  Is there a way to get the Introjucer to set this to Unicode?

Im on my phone right now, but iirc, you can change that setting in the Introjucer project of yours for VS2010 and up.

Adding _UNICODE and UNICODE to the 'Extra preprocessor definitions' section of the config for VS2013 has the desired effect as far as the compiler is concerned, but the project properties General/Character Set remains stubbornly blank - which was confusing me

I think you misunderstood what I meant: every Visual Studio exporter, from 2010 and up, has the Character Set setting. This is per exporter configuration (e.g.: Release has its own, Debug has its own).

This is not a per VS solution flag, but per project's configuration.