VS2014 Exporter Implementation

As usual, a new VS exporter to stay up to date with ol' MSFT's antics.

Though the new Introjucer exporter is setup seemingly correctly, the latest VS2014 (CTP 4) is still a massive WIP, and you're SOL trying to compile with it. Their STL library looks a bit fucked up, not letting any juce project build - even the most basic with just juce_core enabled..

Oh god, they've changed it all yet again, have they..? Sigh.. I've not even considered trying VS2014 yet.

Many thanks Joel, I'll take a look at that asap.

I (still) use Visual C++ 2010 and Visual Studio Express 2013, which work great (for me). Is there any advantage or reason to use the latest MS stuff? Just curious.

They're implementing a wad of stuff from C99/03/11/14, and improving the optimising compiler. The noexcept keyword is supposedly supported, now, too. Something that I'll look into soon, unless Jules gets to it before I can.

Also, the IDE's menu text is now by default sentence case, instead of SHOUTING CASE, and this is a changeable feature. The IDE also some new code features, too.

Every VS2014 CTP version that comes out has release notes that make a pretty interesting read - there's a bunch of small things that will make it worthwhile getting. If you're curious, check it out: http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/2967191


In 2013 you can also turn off the shouting uppercase menu text btw. Which idiot at MS thought of this utter ugglyiness... :-(

No idea exactly, but it was no doubt an effort from a team of far-sighted graphic designers! Iirc, MSFT wanted to push this all-caps phenomena with Win 8, and all of their software.