VS2015 export target for Introjucer please?


I just moved up from JUCE 3.1.1 to 3.2.0, hoping to find Introjucer now having a VS2015 export target out of the box. Alas, there's still VS2005 - VS2013 targets, none for VS2015 yet. Can we have that added please?

My work-around choices are either: 1) locally modify the introjucer.juce file and add the export target myself (ick, local git mods). Or, 2) open the VS2013 project with VS2015 and have it convert it (which also results in local git mods).



We definitely have a VS 2015 target. Are you sure you are using the newest Introjucer? It's easy to have many Introjucer versions lying around your hard disk. I found it easiest to delete them all before downloading the newest from our web servers.

To check that you are using the newest Introjucer, click on any source file in your Introjucer project to bring up Introjucer's code editor. Then close the file from the Introjucer File menu. You should now see the Juce logo with the version number. It should say 3.2.0.

I'm referring to the hard-disk layout of the repository for building Introjucer, not Introjucer's ability to produce VS2015 targets. It's had that for awhile.


Look here:



There's no VS2015 project.

Ah - gotcha!

We've started using VS2015 ourselves as our main IDE now, and yes, we'll add some projects for it very soon!


Thank you!