VS2019 and CLion projects to Git?

Could you also export the CLion and VS2019 project files when re-saving “extras” projects (Projucer, AudioPluginHost, ect)?


The CLion exporter is still a beta feature so should be “opt-in” - we don’t want to add it to the projects by default.

As for VS2019, we’re going to wait until the official release in April before adding the exporter by default in case anything changes drastically in the solution format.

@ed95 Understood, thanks! :slight_smile:

Aren’t they already in RC stage? I wouldn’t expect any changes at all, unless absolutely necessary.

We’ve been burned by Xcode recently.

Yeah, but that was Apple. Their attitude always seems to be “anything goes, screw you”. They are not really well known for their compatibility efforts. There are now rumors about a unified OS for all their devices and switching their Macs to ARM-style processors.

Microsoft seems to bend over backwards to make the old stuff work, so I would be really surprised if they did any major changes to the solution format now. Add a parameter at the last second? Sure. Changing the structure/format of the file as a whole? Unthinkable.

But VS 2019 can load VS 2017 solution files anyway, so having the exporter a few days later doesn’t matter much.

Now that VS2019 has been officially released, could this be added?


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Yep, I’ve added this to develop.