VS2019: Error compiling juce_LiveConstantEditor.cpp in Debug configuration

I’m working thru some Juce tutorials in Visual Studio Community 2019. I can compile the Release configuration just fine, but anytime I try to launch a new debugging session in Debug config, I get the following error:

Error C2065 'slider': undeclared identifier (compiling source file ..\..\JuceLibraryCode\include_juce_gui_extra.cpp) hello_ableton_SharedCode, file C:\JUCE\modules\juce_gui_extra\misc\juce_LiveConstantEditor.cpp

When I jump to the error, I see several underlined references to ‘slider’ in the SliderComp constructor within the juce_LiveConstantEditor.cpp file, such as slider.setTextBoxStyle (Slider::NoTextBox, true, 0, 0); and addAndMakeVisible (slider); But this is code in the Juce core library, not in my project’s source files, so I am not sure why this is failing to compile.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Audio Plugin template project w/ the Projucer.
  2. Create an exporter for Visual Studio 2019, set the Windows Target Platform to 10.0.18362.0
  3. Launch a new debugging session in Debug config within Visual Studio

Can anyone help a novice Juce developer out? I have had nothing but headaches trying to get the Projucer to interact properly with Visual Studio. Thanks for your time!