VST 2.4 SDK deprecated by the end of the year!


Thoughts ?

I kind of assumed it had been deprecated years ago, TBH. But this doesn't mean that all the VST2 plugins or hosts will go away any time soon, I'm sure they'll be around for years.

And JUCE will do VST3 soon (-ish!), I promise!


Sounds great, any time frame for VST3 support in JUCE? Does soonish mean 6 months from now, or 1 year from now?

Regular readers of this forum will know that I don't do time-frames :)

But certainly it'll be within months, not years!

That's really great news then ! Is the VST3 SDK backward compatible ?

From the host-developper point of view, will you be able to load vst's 2.4 with the vst 3 sdk ? 

I have no idea, but the juce hosting for VST2 aren't going to go away, so it should make no difference to host devs.

Compatibility depends on the SDK version.

The API for VST3 is not compatible at all with VST2, but with the SDK for VST 3.5 backward compatibility has been brought in.
This means that a VST3 plugin compiled against VST3.5 will in most cases be recognized by VST2 hosts and, provided the usual cautions, work as if it were a VST2 plugin (you would have to change the extension from *.vst3 back to *.dll for this).

Kindly read the chapter about this in the VST 3.5 SDK documentation.