VST and multi-channel support



I'd like to include multi-channel support for our plug-ins, but would like to avoid having duplicate plug-ins (a stereo and a multi-channel version). When adding multi-channel configurations to PreferredChannelConfigurations, some hosts (including Tracktion, BTW) choose the highest number of channels available, even when the audio is rendered with only two channels, thus causing the plug-in to consume much more CPU than necessary. The ideal solution would be to allow the user to choose the allowed channel configurations in the plug-ins preferences, thus avoiding the need for two separate DLLs. Due to the way the JUCE wrappers are implemented (with defines for the channel configuration), this seems impossible to achieve at the moment. Have I missed something?




No, this is all host dependent.  Pretty sure there is no way to specify which configuration to prefer on the plugin side.

Thanks for the reply. It would be possible, though, to let the AudioProcessor base class decide on the maximum number of input and output channels and the preferred setup during run-time (instead of the defines that are currently being used). That would allow the user to change the channel configuration settings in the plug-in's preferences... Unfortunately, that would require changes to the JUCE base classes and wrappers and I'd prefer not having to modify the JUCE library...