VST & AU cache issue?

Hi - I have a strange problem I cant solve when building a plugin for VST and AU. I have a plugin that was causing crashes but also was only showing as an AU plugin even when the VST was being built and was there in the os x plugins folder, so being new I decided to start from the top again, archiving the old project deleting any plugin files and the os x AU cache and starting a new plugin project in the Introjuicer. I made the new plugin with a slighty different name, built the "hello world" plugin to test it compiled fine and it shows up fine as an AU and VST. The big problem is that as soon as I rename it to the same name as the old plugin (whos files were archived / deleted) the VST doesnt show in the Plugin Host (or other apps). The AU does show but the company name is the same as the previously deleted project - leading me to feel that the whole issue is something related to VST / AU cache in os x but even after clearing all cache files and deleting plugin files, re building the plugin etc the problem persists....Until I change the plugin name to something else.


Anyone come across this strange issue or have any idea how to fix it?

The build/bundle contains both the AU and VST versions. Check your Xcode post-build script and you will see its the same binary packed into both bundles

hey, I'm not sure what you mean? Also how do I view the xcode post build script? I'm not familiar with that

The post build script is found in "Build Phases" in Xcode under your target, but then again, after some thought I don't really think it's relevant to your problem and I'm sorry for posting before thinking ;)

ha ha - Yea I see it now, it doesn't help with this problem though. But thanks!

any further readers - I managed to solve this issue by cleaning the new xcode project (shift+cmd+k), I think the new plugin with the same name as the previous one was causing issues in Xcode with precompiled files and cache etc.