VST/AU/RTAS licensing requirements


I’ve skimmed all the licensing documents and this are the insights I’ve found:


  • You cannot load any Avid’s plugin.


  • You need to add Steinberg’s logo and copyrights in you about box.
  • Mail them the signed agreement.


  • You need to add their logo in the about box.
  • Send them the auval results (if you also have plugins).
  • Mail them the signed agreement.

If I’ve missed anything feel free to add it to this thread.

Happy holidays everybody!!


A stupid question to the point: "add our copyright notice to your about box. “VST Plug-In Technology by Steinberg.”"

I dont like to add an about box. Do I have to add/make an about box anyway to place the logos there?
It's not clear formed or what is your opinion?