VST FX MIDI forwarding?


Is it possible to send MIDI events from a VST effect down to the parent VST instrument?

Most likely not, but what alternatives are there?

My VST effect requires that MIDI events are sent to any VST instrument that the user adds the VST effect to.

What I’ve researched

  • Code everywhere on GitHub
  • Arpeggiators
    Arpeggiators are a thing and to my knowledge they are VSTi’s that output MIDI to a channel (say, ch 0) where you can set up another VSTi to receive MIDI from ch 0.

Now, would it be possible to make a VST FX output MIDI to ch 0?
That way the user can add the VSTi of their choice, apply my VST FX, and then select MIDI in/out channel on the respective VSTi and VST FX.

Any ideas, references, solutions are welcome.