VST hosting VST



Just a general question, I’m planning to make a VST hosting VST using Juce VST host, for PC and mac.

I heard this may not be as simple as it looks …

So what level of difficulty should I expect ?




Well, it’ll be a lot easier with Juce than doing it all by hand! But it might still be very difficult - depends what you’re attempting to do!


Basically a VST in VST which would do some ‘remapping’ stuff, like include some LFOs which would control the ‘inside VST’.

This ‘inside VST’ would appear as a secondary window, or in a tabbed component. What would you suggest is best from your experience ?




Well best of luck! I’ve never tried a plugin-in-plugin so don’t know what the pitfalls might be. I’d guess that you’d have more luck running them as separate windows.


Thanks Jules,