VST not compatible issue - Ableton Live

I’m developing a VST plugin with JUCE, for Windows 10. Although my issue is not directly related to JUCE, I’ve had a hard time coming accross someone else with the same issue so I thought I would ask here.

The plugin in is a VSTi (Synth). When I open Ableton Live it first gets recognised as a VST (effect). When I drag and drop I get the “VST not compatible” message. If I double-click, it just doesn’t do anything, unless I insist on double-clicking (random number of times) and then the plugin is started.

If I turn the VST custom folder off and on, the plugin disappears. If I do it again it reappears as a VSTi, and then it opens normally.

Any ideas? Thank you.

UPDATE: It seems that this happens only on Release builds, and it somehow has to do with a message window handle (HWND), which apparently has an invalid memory address. In Debug builds it runs smoothly. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you give us a stack trace?

Turned out to be a hard-to-trace bug in my code - which by the way only manifested in Windows and not Mac OS X - nothing relevant to JUCE anyway, but thanks for the interest!

Hi Lefteror,
Any chance you could elaborate on what happened?

I’m now running into the same problem!!!



The issue had to do with a circular buffer being written abnormally, i.e. from two different code snippets. Hope that helps.


For the sake of closure, this was most likely a race condition but not related to the JUCE code.