VST Plugin Fields for Reaper Host Help!


Does anyone know what the format of these fields should be?

Is there an expected number of characters per field?

These are accessible in the Projucer:

Bundle Identifier.
Plugin Manufacturer Code.
Plugin Code.
Plugin AU Export Prefix.
Plugin AU Main Type.
VST Category.
Plugin RTAS Category.
Plugin AAX Category.
Plugin AAX Identifier.

I know there are lot of VST developers here, what you setting these fields to?

Does it matter?



How do you know the problem is because of those fields?


Good question. I don’t know.

Actually the cause of the plugin not loading turned out not to be related to these fields.
It was because a dll was not statically linked into the plugin and the user’s Windows 10
system did not have the dll.

But the question of the correct format of these fields has bothered me for a long time,
and I’d really like to know what they should be.

Is everyone just leaving them blank?