VST/VST3 SDK location in plugin vs. host projects

Using the latest release version, when editing a plugin Projucer file, I can specify the location of the VST3 SDK (+ the deprecated VST2 SDK) per exporter, and I can do this using an absolute path or a path relative to the .jucer file. This is often helpful.
When building an app that can host VST or VST3 plugins, on the other hand, it seems the only place where I can specify the SDK locations is now via the global Projucer paths. Is this correct, or am I overlooking something? And if this is indeed the case: would it be possible to add those paths per exporter, just like for plugins?

As I understand that, this is something, that you can define in your application, it might even be, that the user can specify a path himself. You set it in the PluginDirectoryScanner.

That would be the location where to search for VST plugins… but that is not what I mean. I mean the SDK location, which is needed to build the app in the first place.

Oh, sorry… I got that wrong…
Makes perfect sense. I hope that Ed can clear that up better than I can…

Yep, seems reasonable. I’ll get that added.


Thanks! Just one small bug here (which was present in the previous version already): when I specify a relative path, it is shown in red (which is supposed to mean that the SDK can’t be found at that relative location) although the path is actually correct, and saving the project works just fine. This is for the XCode exporter, any SDK entry.

Thanks, added here: