VST2.4 problem, MIDI channels not visible in Ableton

The VST 2.4 SDK contains a method AudioEffectX::getNumMidiInputChannels(). This returns the number of MIDI input channels that your plugin supports.

With Ableton Live, this method needs to return 16. (The default SDK value of 0 results in Ableton hiding MIDI input channels 2-16 from the user)

Previously, I patched around this by overriding getNumMidiInputChannels() in juce_VST_wrapper.cpp. But with Juce 4.3.1, the VSTSDK has been stripped out and AudioEffectX::getNumMidiInputChannels is nowhere to be found.

How can I get this working again with Juce 4.3.1? Thanks!

Further investigation reveals that VST 2.4 op codes (78 & 79) to get the number of MIDI inputs/outputs haven’t been implemented - see enum VstHostToPlugInOpCodes in juce_VSTInterface.h. Can this be added please?

I’ve patched in a fix easily enough by implementing the missing op-codes in juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp, so my product release can now go ahead :slight_smile:.

Still, it would be nice to control these methods without having to hack core Juce files.

I’ve added this to our backlog.

See this thread: [Fixed] Creating a multi-midi VST for use in Live

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