VST2 build

I’ve read up on it, but I can’t seem to find what the exact steps are to do a VST2 build. I can’t seem to find the vst2_sdk folder in any of the older commits of the juce lib repo. I wish to just copy that folder over for local testing of the differences between a VST2 and VST3 build. I know to release a VST2, I would need to have special permission/license from Steinberg. But in this case I need to prove to myself how much of a hassle it saves me to keep on VST2.
What are the exact steps to get a VST2 build going? I am on latest macOS and XCode.

Steps are:

  • Download VST2 SDK
  • In Projucer -> File -> Global Paths set path for VST2 SDK
  • In your project in Projucer add “VST (Legacy)” as target
  • Compile

I searched for the SDK just last week and decided to copy it over from my other system after 10 minutes of not finding it lol. I found it on this forum a few months back though. It is actually contained in an older release of the VST3 SDK.

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Unfortunately you won’t get this, they stopped issuing in October last year.