Vst2 Sonar Crash


I’m not sure if anyone has seen any issues such as this but my plugins vst2 version is crashing on Sonar. I’ve tested the JUCE demo plugs and they’re loading fine so obviously it’s something in my code, but the debugging process hasn’t been straight forward.

After spending an afternoon getting acquainted with visual studio debugger I was able to get the stack trace at the time of the crash (right on plugin load). When Sonar scans the plugin folder it states, “The failure point was reported as: Stop Effect”

When I try to load:

Plugin.dll!JuceVSTWrapper::setBusArrangementFromTotalChannelNum(const int numInChannels, const int numOutChannels) Line 1857 C++
Plugin.dll!JuceVSTWrapper::setSpeakerArrangement(VstSpeakerArrangement * pluginInput, VstSpeakerArrangement * pluginOutput) Line 949 C++
Plugin.dll!AudioEffectX::dispatcher(int opcode, int index, __int64 value, void * ptr, float opt) Line 157 C++
Plugin.dll!JuceVSTWrapper::dispatcher(int opCode, int index, __int64 value, void * ptr, float opt) Line 1472 C++
Plugin.dll!AudioEffect::dispatchEffectClass(AEffect * e, int opCode, int index, __int64 value, void * ptr, float opt) Line 55 C++

The stack trace stops there in the JuceVSTWrapper, and I get an error of 0xC0000094: Integer division by zero. This happens on line 1857

for (i = 0; i < n; ++i)
…if((config[i] = (config[i] + 1) % maxChans[i]) > 0)

I know this is quite random so no worries if there’s no response but if anyone has any ideas it’s much appreciated! : ) I’ve commented out almost my entire plugin processor, the stack trace and bug aren’t much help so I guess i’ll just keep at it till I find what’s up. Will report back.


I think this is fixed on the develop branch.

Hey Fabian,

Thanks for the response. I just tried with the develop branch and it didn’t fix the issue sadly. Same crash in the same spot. Is this something you’ve ran into at all before?

It seems that Sonar is a bit fussy. I noticed in the NoiseGate example that you gave your sidechain input bus an output aswell because of strangeness with vst2. I was hoping that may solve it but to no avail.

I’m gonna work on some other stuff today and then come back to this. I’ll report back, if you have any other ideas I’m all ears : )

This should now be fixed on the develop branch.