VST3 3.6.7 bug?

Is it just me or anyone else having a problem compiling with VST 3.6.7

The line that chokes is in file:


Line: 523

table->defered.erase (it);

with the error:

No matching member function for call to 'erase'

The problem seems that it is a const_iterator (Line 123):

typedef DeferedChangeList::const_iterator DeferedChangeListIterConst;

changing the typedef to a non const:

typedef DeferedChangeList::iterator DeferedChangeListIterConst;

and the project compiles okay…

So I guess the correct solution would be to add after line 123:

typedef DeferedChangeList::iterator DeferedChangeListIter;

and then in line 512 change the declaration to:

Update::DeferedChangeListIter it =

Anyone else?



it’s not just you : VST SDK v3.6.7 and compiler error when building JUCE plugin

Thanks, I didn’t see that previous post.

I’ve reported this on the Steinberg forum as a bug.