VST3 and Acid Pro 10

Anybody having issues with JUCE VST3 synth plugins and Acid Pro 10? For some reason, Acid Pro is disabling the midi input bus, and then obviously, the plugin doesn’t play any sounds.

Did anything change recently with VST3 and bus handling? User claims previous versions used to work.

Ok, found the change, issue is here: https://github.com/juce-framework/JUCE/commit/a2d1fc412a288287c3a841046e0501bfc30f7bf7#diff-ad2013b8a3cd1724655c452069a56582L2621

       #if JucePlugin_WantsMidiInput
        if (data.inputEvents != nullptr)
        if (isMidiInputBusEnabled && data.inputEvents != nullptr)
            MidiEventList::toMidiBuffer (midiBuffer, *data.inputEvents);

JUCE now only processing MIDI Input if MIDI Input bus is enabled. This seems sensible and correct, however it seems to break MIDI for Acid Pro 10. I will contact Acid support and see if they have any thoughts.


I also want to put a hack in to detect Acid and go back to the old behavior, but Acid is not listed in your host table.

I would suggest adding it to a fork and giving a pull request. It’s extremely easy to match exactly the JUCE code style in that section of code. I needed it when some versions of Cubase or Live (I forget which) weren’t included and my changes almost exactly matched the changes made by the JUCE team (in fact my changes were better and I suggested a fix in PM which was well received). Even if they don’t just merge your PR, I can say with confidence that you’re 99.999999% guaranteed to have made the changes exactly the same and so merging upstream will be entirely painless, plus you won’t need to wait for either the changes to be merged or done by JUCE team themselves.

Thx! I ran into the same issue, this helped me to fix it fast and simple, saved me quite some time.