VST3 backend hangs, while AU backend doesn't?

Hi all, sorry to have to reach out again. I’ve been making strides on my audio plugin, and debugger usually helps resolve most of my issues. However, lately I’ve been stuck on an issue that I think may be a bug with JUCE’s VST3 backend, rather than my own code. On Mac, the built AU plugin works just fine, albeit with a few bugs that are likely my fault. Though, on Windows, I built a VST3 port as well, which at first worked likewise with Steinberg’s VST3 test host app, but now just hangs indefinitely. Attaching the MSVC debugger to it doesn’t catch any exceptions, but I see the memory graph slowly rising up and up, so there’s likely a massive memleak somewhere.

The code is at https://github.com/NebuHiiEjamu/CinemixAutomationBridge as usual. I’d really love to know if it’s something I’m doing that’s affecting VST3 specifically or if it’s indeed a bug with the backend. Thanks guys! You’ve really helped me by no small means through all of this.

Update: turns out VST3 backend works fine on Mac. I think it’s a Windows bug, rather.