VST3 CMake Artefact on Windows contains PDB?

The CMake juce results different .vst3 output on Windows.
It uses the newer “modern” package.

That’s the right direction since the older plain .dll (with .vst3 extension) is deprecated.

But, one caveat… if you output PDBs they’re also being collected into this folder.
Not sure if this is intentional. but you can easily bundle the pdb by mistake.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like we can avoid this problem by adding the property PDB_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY "${products_folder}" in _juce_create_windows_package. This will place the pdb alongside the top-level vst3 package directory, rather than next to the built dll. I’ll push this change shortly.

It looks like debug builds will still place an incremental link artefact next to the dll, and I can’t see a way to change this behaviour. I imagine this won’t be a problem (release builds shouldn’t use incremental linking) but thought I’d raise this just in case.

This change should resolve the issue:

Thanks again!