vst3 factory presets cubase 7.x OS X

Hi all,

My effect plug-in has a couple of predefined programs / factory presets that show up fine in any AU host, and they also show up in the vst2 version in every host I've tested them. But in Cubase on Mac (the only vst3 host I currently have available) they're not showing up at all. Everything else works like a charm, but no predefined programs...

I'm a total newbie when it comes to Cubase or/and maybe I just have missed something essential about how vst3 works, but if anyone gets my problem and have an answer/explanation I'd be very happy.


// johan

VST3 is a pain when it comes to presets.. Haven't yet implemented support for it, but it's on the to-do-list...

Ah, that explains it :) Thanks.