VST3 Fruity Loops input output disabled

We’re having an issue where our inputs and outputs are disabled by default in Fruity Loops, specifically in the VST3 format. VST2 is not having issues. Any idea what could cause this or what flag would cause this effect? See the screenshot for more details about what isn’t checked by default in FL. Thanks!

Just bumping this. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Which API are you using to configure the inputs and outputs of your plugin? Are you using the old-style “preferred channel layouts” option in the Projucer, or the new-style BusesProperties and BusesLayout functions?

If the latter, when you pass the desired BusesProperties to your AudioProcessor constructor, are you definitely passing true for the isActivatedByDefault parameter of BusesProperties::withInput and BusesProperties::withOutput?

We’re using the newer style with a manually set “isBusesLayoutSupported” function and logic, however, it appears that we’re simply using the default constructor for AudioProcessor which creates BusesProperties::withInput/Output with the isActivatedByDefault parameter set to “false.” I suppose this must be the issue. I’ll override it, switch it to “true,” and hopefully that will solve the problem. Thanks!