VST3 plug-ins not loading in old Studio One sessions

We have updated some VST3 plug-ins to JUCE, and have noticed that some plug-ins don’t load in old sessions (which used pre-JUCE plug-in versions). It appears that the issue is related to the Processor and/or Controller components that are created by the factory function. I don’t know if Studio One uses the name or the GUID from that factory information, but I do know that the old factory code included the version number “3” in the name of the plug-in in that component information, and our new JUCE plug-in only has the name, no version number in that code (since JUCE does not append the version when creating the VST3 components).

So, what I’m wondering is two-fold:

If Studio One is using the GUID to identify the plug-in (and simply showing the name by extracting it from that component info once it is loaded), then is there any way to make our new components use a GUID that matches the old one exactly?

Or, if Studio One is using the actual name from that component as the identifier when loading plug-ins in a session, then is there a way for a specific plug-in to use that name in the creation of the components, but NOT have that name anywhere else (since it’s a new version and should not have “3” appended to its name).