VST3 UI cropped with Projucer Audio Plug-in project template on Windows 8.1


I’ve just started looking at building a VST3 using the Projucer Audio Plug-in project on Windows 8.1 using VS2019.

The only change I’m making to the template code is to justify the “Hello World” text to the bottom-right.

When I open the plugin in FL Studio it’s displayed correctly, but in Live and Reaper the bottom and right of the plugin window are cropped out. Even the JUCE splash logo is cropped.

I’m using JUCE 5.4.4 and latest versions of the DAWs.

Screenshot here

Did you ever solve this?

A user is reporting the exact same issue, and I suspect that he has its Windows computer set with a 125% scale.

What may be happening is that the plug-in editor reports its desired size, let’s say 200x200, and by effect of the 125% scaling it gets drawn as 250x250, but some misunderstanding with REAPER still makes the host believe that the window content is only 200x200 physical pixels, so there are 50 pixels cropped out on the right and on the bottom.


No, haven’t solved it. I’ll see if it happens when building on Windows 10.

Not sure about the screen scaling. Will check.


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