VST3 with custom extension functionality

I already very successfully tested this with a prerelease version of JUCE.
How will I be informed when this functionality is available in the official release ?
I’d be happy to do some more tests, and there seems to be a bug (with Midi on VST3 with Reaper) that I’d like to more vigorously report to the Reaper developers.

Hey Michael,

  1. reporting developers - can be already done. since juce is quite open the develop branch of upcoming JUCE 6.1 is already public. (the one you’ve used to test the VST3 extension support)

  2. informed when something available:

    • the develop branch usually get merged to master. you can use github notifications or watch the forum and when JUCE will have a new release you’ll be informed. if that’s already on develop I’d expect it to be on next release / master branch.

re 1: I already reported it but they ignored that. Of course they are busy with other stuff and hence this issue might not be of high priority. But I am eager to find an opportunity to remind them :slight_smile:

OK. I’ll wait for the official v 6.1 release.

Thanks !

With the new v6.39 version of Reaper, the “VST3 Midi data passthrough” bug is fixed,

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