Want to create a visualization control

Hey all.. 

I have a desire, for my own personal interests in creating visualization control.  Something like what you would see in DAWs where you have a little visualization control that bounces with the various frequencies of an audio stream.  Problem is, I have no idea where to start.  I'm assuming that JUCE has a lot of tools to help me get started.  But, if you were going to create one ( and I'm sure many of you have) where do I start? 

What classes in Juce would help me get there?
What algorithms should I understand?
Is this something that requires multithreading? And if so, would there be a separate thread for each frequency range I wanted to watch?

What would be a good starting point to understanding what it takes to build one of these?


You mean a Real Time Analyzer?

Check out dRowAudio for some hints on creating a SpectroScope which will give you some ideas on how to create an RTA


Real Time Analyzer?  That sounds like what I'm talking about.   Thanks I will check out your suggestion.