Warning AUWrapper

Getting this Warning for the AU-Wrapper new in XCode 6


/juce/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/juce_AU_Wrapper.mm:679:13: Comparison of function 'AUEventListenerNotify' not equal to a null pointer is always true


    void sendAUEvent (const AudioUnitEventType type, const int index)


        if (AUEventListenerNotify != 0)  <-------


            auEvent.mEventType = type;

            auEvent.mArgument.mParameter.mParameterID = (AudioUnitParameterID) index;

            AUEventListenerNotify (0, 0, &auEvent);




This should be OK now. (Not sure why that if-statement was actually in there, I think it's a throwback to very old versions of the CoreAudio SDK where some functions were new).

Thank you very much!