Warning on NSDraggingSourceHelper on loading

I get these warnings when launching REAPER. I’m developing two plug-ins “PLUGIN_ONE” and “PLUGIN_TWO”.

objc[66445]: Class NSDraggingSourceHelper is implemented in both /Users/me/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/PLUGIN_ONE.vst/Contents/MacOS/PLUGIN_ONE and /Users/me/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/PLUGIN_TWO.vst/Contents/MacOS/PLUGIN_TWO. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

Any way I can circumvent these or fix these?

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BTW, should I preferably use the bug tracker in GitHub for issues like this?

Sorry - someone must have added that class by mistake rather than using our byzantine internal obj-C wrappers… Thanks, we’ll get that sorted out!


I’m the guilty party - unfortunately it’s quite an easy error to miss.

Fixed on both the develop and master branches.