Watch the keynotes from ADC'18

Hi everyone, just to let you know the ADC’18 keynotes are now uploaded. Enjoy!

Julian Storer: SOUL announcement
Marina Bosi: How perceptual audio coding has shaped our lives
Aurelius Prochazka: The democratization of audio development
Paul Bamborough: What are you doing, really?

PS: The other videos will be uploaded early next week.


I’m sorry, but is it ironic that the audio on some of these ADC videos is abysmal? :slight_smile:

I always find it entertaining that no matter how many audio professionals you cram into a room - whether or not their PA system works properly is still entirely random!


Well, having worked as live audio engineer in venues of different sizes, it is always a special pleasure, when random people from the audience approach you, and try to tell you, how to do it better…

“Before you comment on other peoples job, walk a mile in their shoes. First you are a mile away from them, and second, you have their shoes…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t a critisism, I find find it ironic!
Same as when you put a bunch of engineers in a room but they still can’t get the projector to turn on!
For the most part, everything went smoothy at ADC this year from what I saw on the streams so definitely a good job by the ADC team :slight_smile:

No I am totally with you… it is always surprising :slight_smile:

I just liked that variant of that quote…

I was actually wondering, if that’s the final version, or if there is any kind of post production. They generated very high quality video material, but then the choice, which of the cameras they showed, is sometimes (quite often) surprising. It is understandable for a life broadcast though…

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Yes, I noticed this a few times - when someone is talking through a slide on the screen you get a lovely head shot of the speaker, but can’t see the content they’re talking about.

I’m not commenting on the recording just the post treatment. Everybody has a microphone afterall - Normalise, denoise, and compression for example.

Also subtitles for questions or any audience comments would be very useful on the videos!

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In the big venue they had two mics passed around, but not for the smaller rooms. The drawback was, that you have to wait for the microphones to arrive to the person asking. So it eats a lot time for the Q’n’A.

The speakers were asked to repeat the questions, but that didn’t happen every time, since understandably people are not very used to do that.

Subtitles for the occasions, when the question can be recovered sounds like a great idea though.


In one of the sessions, I saw that they had done a split screen with the relevant slide taking up the left 2/3 of the video, and the speaker on the right 1/3. That worked VERY well and should almost be the default view.


@JoshuaHodge will be the other videos snippets of the whole 6h vids uploaded on the JUCE channel? Haven’t had time to see them yet (just briefly watched over) but if they aren’t it would be nice to add time marks on the description so people can easily find each keynote in them.

P.S: looking forward for some Tracktion in depth tutorials now that you are relieved from ADC! Keep it up with the great work

Hi @johngalt91! Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward to getting some Tracktion tutorials in too! I’ll be uploading the rest of the vids within the next few days.

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