WAV Meta Data/CUE struct usage

I’m wanting to work with multiple CUE points meta in WAVs & found the cue struct which would be ideal, however the first issue is I don’t understand how to work out the namespace path to it… I thought it would be something like

juce::WavAudioFormat::WavFileHelpers CueChunk c;

In general is there a way in xcode to easily find the namespace of a stuct or class?

I can get/set the cues via the StringPairArray meta method but it seems unnecessarily painful having to construct strings that way when a cue struct exists which I could use in an array.

thanks for any insights on the best way of working with cue meta.

here’s the page:

The CueChunk struct is not publicly accessible. It’s only defined in the .cpp, which hides it’s existence from client code.

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ahhh thanks, I did end up using the pairs & constructing the strings. I just thought there would be a more elegant approach.